Mina deploy tool

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Really fast deployer and server automation tool Mina lets you build and run scripts to manage your app deployments on servers via SSH. Mina works really fast because it’s a deploy Bash script generator. It generates an entire procedure as a Bash script and runs it remotely in the server. Compare this to the likes… Read more »

Wi-Fi hacking tools

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Here is my recomended Wi-Fi tools: Wardriving USB adapter: Awus 036h OS: Kali Linux Software: WPA/WPA2 passwords: Reaver Fake AP: Easy Creds

Setting session name in screen

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It’s always annoying trying to remember what pid maps to a screen session, but it’s possible to actually name the session. When starting a screen session, you can start it with arguments: Or within a current screen session, you can do: Now when you do a screen -ls, your sessions show up with meaningful names:… Read more »

Color Up Arbitrary Command Ouput

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colout is a simple command to add colors to a text stream in your terminal. The colout command line interface has been carefully designed to be simple. Basically, you will call it like: | colout [color [style]] colout has the ability to use 8 colors mode, 256 colors mode, colormaps, themes and source code syntax… Read more »