Packagist – composer repository

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Packagist is the main Composer repository. It aggregates all sorts of PHP packages that are installable with Composer. Browse packages or submit your own. Allow add you own libs to Composer repository for free

Scientific Computing Tools for Python

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SciPy is the powerfull scientific library that help you to analize and compute you data. SciPy refers to several related but distinct entities: The SciPy Stack, a collection of open source software for scientific computing in Python, and particularly a specified set of core packages. The community of people who use and develop this stack. Several conferences dedicated to scientific computing… Read more »

Wi-Fi hacking tools

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Here is my recomended Wi-Fi tools: Wardriving USB adapter: Awus 036h OS: Kali Linux Software: WPA/WPA2 passwords: Reaver Fake AP: Easy Creds